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Supermesh Coils By Geek Vape
Supermesh Coils By Geek Vape
Supermesh Coils By Geek Vape Supermesh Coils By Geek Vape

Supermesh Coils By Geek Vape

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Designed from the ground up for an insane amount of flavor and vapor production, the Geek Vape Super Mesh coils are intended to push the Aero Tank Mesh to its limit by providing both minimal ramp-up time and an incredibly large area to radiate the vast amount of heat produced by the central mesh heating element. The 0.2 ohm mesh heating element grants the Super Mesh coils an effective usage range of 30-90W, with the optimal range being 60-80W. Composed of a kanthal mesh cylinder wicked with 100% organic cotton for a pure and untainted flavor experience that leaves little to be desired, the main chassis of the Super Mesh coil is machined out of stainless steel and securely holds the heating element and wick together in a durable body that prevents those key elements from being damaged, keeping the coil head in perfect working order throughout their lifespan. A perfect choice for use with the Geek Vape Aero Tank Mesh, these coils are also compatible with the TFV8 Baby series of sub-ohm tanks, broadening the already vast amount of atomizers compatible with the incredibly popular Baby line.


  • 0.2 Ohm resistance 
  • Rated for use between 30-90W (best performance at 60-80W)
  • Mesh heating element