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Hohm Work 18650 Battery 40.6A 2531 mAh

Hohm Work 18650 Battery 40.6A 2531 mAh

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Hohm Work batteries are designed from the ground up with Mechanical Devices in mind. They are uniquely custom tailored to produce a powerful 40.6 Amps making this one of the hardest hitting batteries currently available in the market. 

Dave's Tip: I have used a LOT of various batteries in the Mechanical world, and to date none have maintained the quality and consistency of performance as Hohm Work's. I hands down recommend these for any Mech Mod user. 

Pro Tip: Because these batteries are capable up pulsing to a much higher amperage we do not recommend using them in regulated 18650 devices. For regulated 18650 devices Hohm Life batteries are recommended for their higher battery life time.