Hohm LIFE 18650 Battery 3.6A 3077 mAh

Hohm Tech is the only battery manufacturer to produce batteries specifically designed for use in vapor products. The Hohm Life 18650 was redesigned from the ground up to maximize its efficiency for use in the high wattage devices currently on the market. 

Dave's Tips: These are an absolute must have for any regulated device, in contrast to the LG HG2 (also known as the Brown Chocolate battery), you are able to fully utilize the battery and won't get low or weak battery warnings as drain more than 50 percent of the charge. These are amazingly long lasting batteries.

Pro Tip: While these batteries could be used with mechanical devices, we typically recommend Hohm Work's as they were engineered specifically for use with 18650 Mech Mods. While the Hohm Life 18650 has a solid amperage rating, it tends to under perform when used in direct current, mechanical devices.