Haka Crystal Kit

Small and simple high-nic vape pen perfect for vaping on the go! Similar to Pulse or Juul, this portable, efficient and easy to use device is intended for Vapers who are looking for a "No Frills" vape. These standard (meaning non-Sub-Ohm, no big clouds) device works best when paired with higher Nicotine content liquids.

Tech Spec's:

  • Wattage output 7.5 watts
  • Battery capacity: 350 mah
  • Pod capacity: 1.4 ml
  • Output voltage: 3.3-4.2 Volts
  • Size: 105.5 mm x 16.9 mm x 10.4 mm

Dave's Tips: Remember on sub-ohm devices, that produce larger volumes of vapor you should multiply the flavors listed Nicotine by 3 or 4. This will be a more accurate listing of the appropriate nicotine level to use on standard non-sub ohm device.

Pro- Tip: If your looking for a quick 1 or 2 puff system that gets the job done try pairing it with Solace or other Nic Salt flavors. While the Nicotine level is dramatically higher (25 mg or 50 mg) it doesn't burn the throat and gets the job done a lot faster.

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Replacement pods can be found here.