Phoenix Vapor Is Closing

As you might be aware, Washington HB 1873 was signed into law by Governor Inslee on May 21st. The vape community strived to get the law vetoed, or at least the floor tax section sticken. The legislature refused to listen, and passed a bill crafted by Juul and Altria that is very specifically designed to crush the independent vape market along with including huge tax exemptions for heat-not-burn products as well.

Altria has its lobbyists doing the same in many states across the country. Coupled with this, the FDA was recently sued by Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids and others for slowing their regulation timeline, and the federal court found the FDA guilty. There is no certainty about what that might look like, but most of the equipment on the market will not be allowed when regulation begins. Flavors will be next on the chopping block.

The climate for vaping as we know it is changing, and rapidly, falling into the hands of the very companies that have peddled deadly cigarettes for generations.

We started this business 9 years ago to share with smokers the miracle that had happened in our own lives - vaping stopped us from smoking and returned to us our health and well being. In that time we have helped hundreds of thousands of people quit smoking. It has been the most rewarding thing we have ever done.

Bearing that in mind, it is with bittersweet feelings that we announce the closing of Phoenix Vapor.

After nearly a decade of battling for our right to be here, the government has made it too expensive to continue.

We will begin liquidating our inventory immediately. We will keep coils stocked as long as we are open, but we will not have a single bottle of inventory left when the tax begins on October 1st. We refuse to pay the state a dime in its attempt to harm smokers. Inslee, Pollet, Harris, and the rest can shove this tax right up their asses.

Thank you all for the amazing ride. We know many of you so well that you’re family. We dearly hope you stay off the cigarettes - that shit’s deadly, yo.

John Conner - President, Phoenix Vapor, LLC

Myka, Josh, The Dave, Erica, Eric “Vapin’ Politician”, Dacoda “Woke Vapes,” Mak “Fresher,” Adam, Jordan, Jeannie, Jason, Jamal, Athena


PSA: Our last day of business will be July 31st, 2019