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The Phoenix Mission

We Want To Help A Million People

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Myka, Dave, Josh, John

Our Mission

Who We Are

The Phoenix Vapor Cafe staff are bound by the same belief - Quality vaping products should be affordable so it can be available to as many people as possible. We strive to find the best, most effective, and fun equipment and eliquids available today. Every day we reach out to more companies, striving to find the best of the best, because that's who we are and what we love to do… and we love bringing it to you - for as low-cost as possible!

An Invitation

We invite you to connect with us. We strive to be the most knowledgeable, approachable, inclusive and friendly vape company there is.

The Vaping Revolution

The vaping revolution has gone through many major transformations. With every advance in the market, vaping becomes easier and more enjoyable.
For example:
  • There are sub ohm devices the size of a pen that cost less than $25 and are very easy to use.
  • There are now simple to use (but technically sophisticated) 300 watt regulated devices that will run coils down to an astonishing .01 ohms with complete safety.
  • Batteries keep improving.
  • Coil materials keep improving as well.
  • And many juice companies have embraced the message that creating liquids with clean ingredients at a low price is what people want.



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