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Where we started: 

Many years ago, in a back yard far, far away, one man tasted Pineapple flavored e-liquid and finally chose to quit smoking…

In its infancy vaping was very minimalistic. The options for devices and the flavor combinations were much simpler and required much more maintenance. In these early days we focused on the quality of the product, and simplicity of use. The challenge of course, was keeping the costs down.

During these early days of the Vaping Revolution, reliability also meant more costs out of pocket. We knew then that for the vaping to be more accessible, to encourage more adults to make the switch, we had to bring the costs down.

Who we were then:

Vaping is a consumer created solution to the tobacco problem…

When we first started in the industry we encouraged tobacco retailers to make the switch to vapor products. As you can imagine this was a long and challenging mission - to introduce a new technology when most people had never even heard the term Electronic Cigarette. With patience and determination, we worked with retailers from Bellingham Washington to San Diego California. We guided these early adopters in understanding Vapor Products and their use, encouraging them to share the experience of vaping.

In our early days, we actively went out and talked to smokers and talked to them about their choice to continue smoking. We heard countless stories from people who were never able to make the switch. It was these experiences, and stories that further inspired us to continue to make vaping more accessible.

What we needed:

“Larger purchasing power produces lower costs.”

When we made the choice to rebuild our business; changing out devices, liquids, and even our name, we also decided costs should never stop someone from making the switch again. To that end we began exploring the market finding products, liquids, and brands that aligned with our values and principles.

What we found was a great wealth of options and opportunities, yet we didn’t have the capital or buying power to truly make a meaningful impact on the costs of vaping. This was when we started to explore the idea of crowd funding and working with our community to offer the experience we knew was needed.

When we introduced the membership program it was an overnight success. Our customers immediately recognized the savings potential, and the benefit to community action groups such as CASSA, SFATA, the American Vaping Association, and others.

The truth is that without our members we wouldn’t be here today. Their continued support allowed us the opportunity to reach for something better. Thank you for your continued support.

Who we are now:

“the Phoenix Way”

Our mission at Phoenix Vapor is harm reduction, and we do our best to get our customers the lowest prices for the best products.

We make the extra effort to find distributors who sell quality authentic products at the lowest possible price. As a result, we’ve built relationships with over 30 separate hardware distributors and continue to look for better products and price for our customers.

Similarly, we believe that quality of product should not be sacrificed to reduce the costs. As a result, each of the products we carry has been independently used and tested by our leadership team prior to introducing it to our customers. While this extra step sometimes means we are a little behind in carrying the latest and greatest product, it ensures each of our products is something that we personally would recommend.

Our vision of the future:

“It’s a good thing we went with the name Phoenix, we keep changing for the better.”

Now, with the contributions of our members that supported us in our growth, we can begin to offer our service to other businesses, working with them to continue to grow the message and focus of harm reduction and accessibility. After thousands of hours of work by our team and the support of the vaping community we’re now able to offer our products without a membership! Our goal is to help one million smokers make the switch, and each day we celebrate the success of our customers and the end of smoking.

Our vision is to continue to grow and provide adults with a cost saving option, to ensure that vaping is never more expensive than smoking. Similarly, we will continue our focus on harm reduction,  and intend to be a resource for consumers of all types and skill levels. We actively watch as vaping is being adopted around the globe, being mindful of research articles, lobbying efforts, media announcements, prohibition and even taxation of vapor products.


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