5 clicks - Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Phoenix Vapor, and thank you for wanting to learn more about vapor products.

Let’s be honest, no one switches to vaping with out help.

There’s generally a lot of questions, issues, and learning that will come up sooner or later. As a result, many people find the transition frustrating and give up when they are so close to finally stepping away from the chains of tobacco. You are not alone.

At Phoenix Vapor we pride ourselves on making this change easy and hassle free.

As one of the oldest Vape Shops in the country we have the experience necessary to help you. We have helped tens of thousands of people make the switch and by following the processes below, you too can Rise from the Ashes.

Frequently Asked Questions or Problems:

How do I setup my first device?

No device will be completely ready to go out of the box, each of them will have specific steps that must be taken to ensure the product is working correctly.

    • Remove the device, tank and battery(‘s) from their packaging
    • Insert the battery(‘s) into the device (ensure they are facing the proper way)
    • Remove the coil from the tank
      • Note: When your tank is brand new it can be hard to get the coil out, this will become easier over time as the various components are lubricated with E-Liquid.
    • Setup or “Prime” the coil
      • Put E-Liquid into the center of the coil and allow it to absorb into the surrounding material
      • Do *NOT* put E-Liquid on the exterior of the coil
        • If you do, how can you tell how wet the center of the coil is?
        • The goal is to let the liquid soak in from the inside which ensures the coil is primed and won’t burn out prematurely
        • Continue to add more E-Liquid until all the exterior wicking material (the non-metal bits) look soaking wet.
          • Think of a dish sponge after you have washed a load of dishes. It should look as wet or wetter than that.
    • If you have an airflow control ring, close it half way
      • All tanks use a Vacuum to function, no vacuum means the coils will burn out prematurely.
    • All coils have a recommended power range, when in doubt follow this rule:
      • Find the average available wattage range for the coil
        • Example: If a coil has a range of 40 to 100 watts the average is 70
          • If a coils range is: 40 – 100 it should not be used over 70 Watts
  • 40 - 100 = 60 / 2 = 30 + 40 = 70 watts max power
  • My coils keep burning out after a couple of days, what should I do?

    Most of the time this is easy to fix and its simply a matter of adjusting how you use the device.

    • Do not tilt your device, or tank
      • Try to keep your tank straight up and down (or as close as possible)
        • When you tilt a device, this can cause part of the coil to be exposed to air rather than E-Liquid. This causes the coil to dry out and eventually burn.
    • Also try the steps outlined under ‘Tastes Burnt or Getting Liquid in your Mouth”

    It tastes horrible and I keep getting the liquid in my mouth, what’s going on?

    • Reduce your air flow
      • Since all tanks operate using a vacuum to draw more E-Liquid into the coil there needs to be at least some resistance to ensure proper wicking
        • Most users will be able to achieve this by closing their air flow slightly
          • Try reducing your airflow until the liquid begins to ‘spit’ or ‘spatter’ when you use it
          • From there open your air flow slightly this should get the ‘spitting’ or ‘splatter’ to stop and produce great vapor and flavor
      • If you prefer less restrictive air flow, then the volume of air must be increased
        • Translation: Without restricted air flow you must suck or pull a LOT harder to ensure E-Liquid is being pulled into the coil
        • Try pulling or inhaling 3 to 4 times harder than you normally would
    • Use the correct wattage for your coil
      • Do not under power your coil
        • Not applying enough current can cause E-Liquid to leak out of your tank or it may cause it to ‘gurgle’ like our pulling air through a liquid.
        • This can also cause the E-Liquid to come up into your mouth
      • Do not over power your coil
        • Doing so will cause the available E-liquid on the coil to be used to quickly and may cause the wicking material to burn.

    How should I prime or setup a coil?

    • Never exceed the recommended maximum for any new coil
      • Always start with lower power and gradually increase the power this will extend the life of your coil
    • Unless your using a Ceramic coil always prime or wet the cotton from the inside out
      • Only use E-Liquids
      • For Ceramic coils it is recommended to soak them over night completely submerging them in E-Liquid
    • When starting a new coil always use less power to ‘break in’ the coil

    Where should I store my batteries?

    • Batteries should always be stored in a safe place
      • A plastic or rubber container
      • In your device
      • A battery charger
        • Only if it has over charge protection
    • Never store your batteries:
      • With other metal objects, such as keys or change.
      • In a purse pocket or bag
      • In a hot car, or near a heat source
      • In, near, or around water or ice

    What can happen if I don’t care about my batteries are stored and just store or carry them around?

    The standard battery format is currently an 18650 battery which stores a large amount of electrical energy. These are currently the smallest standard battery format, and each of them are capable of:

    • Producing a 6-foot blast radius, with enough energy to remove appendages or limbs
      • Note: this is the smallest blast radius an 18650 battery can produce
    • The battery can vent, releasing super-heated lithium ion in a get of flame. It is so hot it will cause permanent damage if it burns you.
      • The gases released will exceed 1,000 Fahrenheit
    • The gases, if inhaled, are highly toxic and may cause injury, disability or death

    Its hurting when I vape, what should I do?

    This is a tricky one to figure out but, its generally one or more out of a very short list. Typically, things that will cause this are:

    • Vaping on a coil that is burnt, or needs to be replaced
      • irritation is generally at the roof of the mouth
    • Using an E-Liquid with too much Nicotine
      • Irritation is generally at the back of the throat or upper chest
    • Coughing or itchiness in the chest or upper lungs
      • This is generally an indicator of an allergy to Propylene Glycol, try using a liquid with more Vegetable Glycerin or using a device that produces less vapor
      • A good way to know if you are sensitive to Propylene Glycol is if you are sensitive to foods with artificial flavorings, if yes, avoid devices that produce a large volume of vapor.
        • Examples: Icare, Juul, Inferno, etc.
    • Irritation or wheezing in the lower lungs
      • This is generally going to be caused by an interaction with the flavor profile, try out a dramatically different flavor to see if it continues.
      • This can commonly happen with dual use, meaning smoking and vaping at the same time or closely together

    Can I smoke and Vape at the same time?

    Short answer: Yes, you can, just like you can put your hand in a blender. The better question is, should you? The answer is no.

    Smoking and vaping together can cause nicotine toxicity and may cause jitters, agitation, nausea and in extreme cases hospitalization. If you choose to smoke and vape, always allow at least 30 minutes between rotating uses.

    • Tobacco smoke leaves behind tar that contains nicotine, and other chemicals
    • When used with a vapor product the Propylene Glycol can accelerate the delivery of the latent nicotine in the tar. This causes the nicotine to be absorbed more rapidly by the body
    • Aside from nicotine this also means your body is absorbing the tar and toxins from tobacco more rapidly, meaning a greater risk of illness, disease or death.
    • The CDC recommends waiting at least 1 hour after smoking before vaping and vice versa, if possible try to adhere to this.
      • The more time in between the better.

    I keep hearing about E-cigs exploding. Will mine explode?

    The only instance in which an Electronic Cigarette, or Mod, will explode is in the event of extreme user error. These days almost every device currently produced has protections in place to minimize the likelihood of batteries exploding, venting or failing. If your device can turn on and off, then it should* have the necessary safeties to prevent an explosion.

    • Should: * Unfortunately not all devices are made the same, and with Vaping we see a lot of “clones,” “fakes,” or “Alternative Craftsmanship” devices. 9 times out of 10 these devices do NOT have the necessary safeties to protect the user.
      • Only by authentic devices from known and trusted retailers.
    • Regulated devices have a variety of features to prevent this from happening, they are:
      • Reverse polarity protection
        • In case you put the batteries in wrong
      • Over charge protection
        • In case you forget to unplug it
      • Thermal temperature protection
        • If it’s too hot, you cannot use it
      • Low resistance protection
        • The device will not heat the coil if the resistance is too low
    • For devices that use more than one battery:
      • Only use “Married” batteries, meaning:
        • Batteries that were purchased at the same time from the same place
          • This ensures the chemistry of the battery is the same
        • Batteries are used and charged together
        • Individual batteries are never used in another device
        • Never mix different brands, and types
      • If charging through your device only rotate the batteries position every week to ensure equal drain and use

    Why does the news say they can explode?

    The news media isn’t aware of the difference between a Regulated device (mod) and a non-Regulated device (mechanical mod).

    • A regulated device has built in safeties and can be turned on or off.
      • These features are what keep you safe, should something bad happen the device will just cease to function
    • A non-regulated device has no safety switches, and requires an in depth understanding of Ohms Law, as a result these are only recommended for Advanced or Expert level vapers.
      • These are not devices that can just be picked up by anyone
      • These are devices that require an intimate knowledge of vapor products
      • Require: time, skill, training and learning
      • These devices can, and will explode if the resistance of the coil is lower than the minimum safety for the battery being used.