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I was told by a doctor that my smoking cigarettes caused my emphysema. I've been smoking since I was thirteen. I'm 67 now. A friend (Pam) introduced me to electronic cigarettes around 2 years ago. My emphysema is still there, but doesn't bother me like it did. It took me about a month and a half to switch completely from cigs to ecigs. I've been smoke free since then, using only ecigs from these guys. I tell a lot of smokers to give it a shot. At first it was kinda of hard, but within a month I had thrown all my cigarettes away, and I haven't had any since. Ecigs became enjoyable and easy, and I get the same effect as regular cigarettes but feel much better. Smoking killed my mother and father, and was killing me. The VA did a test on me and said my lung health has improved some, though I will always have the emphysema. I will never go back to cigarettes again, period.


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