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Hi, my name is Dacoda and this is the story of how I got into the amazing world of vaping.

When I was 13 years old my family decided to move from our hometown in Wyoming to a tiny reservation town on Flathead Lake in Montana. This place was beautiful. I loved the lake and I loved the trees and mountains. It was absolutely gorgeous.  I started high school there with no friends and no idea who anyone was. On probably my fourth or fifth day a group of kids came up to me and asked if I wanted to hangout with them at the skate park and being as I had no friends I decided to join in. Little did I know that as soon as I got to the park with these guys they started lighting up cigarettes. Now I had seen cigarettes before because my mom was a 2 pack a day smoker but, I had just never tried one myself. Being 13 and hanging out with kids I really really wanted to impress, I decided that when asked if I wanted one to just say yes. That was my first cigarette. I didn’t really like the taste and it hurt my lungs really bad but they accepted me because of it. And these people became my friends. Turn to being 14 not even a full year later, I was completely addicted to cigarettes. By the time I hit 15 I had gained an immense amount of weight my teeth had been stained from the chemicals and I was just in terrible shape. I would go to P.E and I couldn’t even make it through warm up laps because of how much it hurt to breathe. Stairs were impossible. No matter what though I kept smoking cigarettes because I didn’t see any other way.

    That however was when a new friend moved there. He moved to our tiny town from somewhere in Texas in the middle of the school year. We talked once or twice and became best friends, still are to this day.  The most important part about this friend is that he was a vaper. When he owned one I had never even heard of vaping before but I loved it. So I decided to get one myself. Now at the time vaping in the state of Montana was somewhat a legal grey area for minors. You could legally own a vape but just couldn’t buy them from a shop. My first ever set up was the original Aspire Nautilus with a vision spinner II. The moment I got that vape was a new beginning for me. I stopped smoking cigarettes completely within a week or so and it truly made my life completely different. After a few weeks of vaping I realized I could actually run in P.E again. I realized that the stairs to my bedroom no longer hurt to climb and I didn’t need to go lay down after. And most importantly because of the switch from cigarettes to vaping I lost about 120 pounds within the first 6 months of the switch. So I was finally becoming someone I actually wanted to be. There was just one problem left. My mom was still a 2 pack a day smoker.

    About the same time I started to become healthier from my choices my mom's health started to rapidly decline. She ended up staying about a week in a hospital from smoking cigarettes. They had caused a build up of blood clots in her lungs and were slowly suffocating her. She was on oxygen for months and a C-PAP breathing machine at night for almost a year. And that’s when I introduced her to vaping. It was a hard transition for her because this is a woman who had smoked those 2 packs a day every day for the last 15-18 years. So obviously she was very untrustworthy of it at first. After a good two weeks of bringing it up to her she finally said yes and allowed me to pay for her first vape ever. Just a simple EVOD pen vape. But she loved it. After 15 years of my life watching my mom smoke I finally got her to stop. Shortly after, so did her lung problems. The blood clots started to clear up, she was breathing off of oxygen again and that CPAP was no more. Since that switch my mom has been continuously vaping for about 3 years now and it was the best decision that she ever made. Now my mom gets to enjoy her grand kids by actually playing with them and not watching from the side.


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