October 08, 2016 3 min read

Yes, I started smoking at an early age

I started regularly smoking cigarettes when I was about 12 years old and continued to smoke for around seven more years; I smoked about a pack and a half every day.

The dawning of an alternative

My best friend also smoked. When he found out that he was going to become a father, his girlfriend told him that he needed to quit smoking somehow, not only for his health but also their child’s. Shortly thereafter she decided to visit what was “Volcano Vapor Café” and buy him an Electronic Cigarette as a surprise.

He was hesitant to try it at first, but grew to really like vaping. He would tell me about all the information he had learned about them, but I was stubborn and happy with my smoking habit.

After a couple months though; I started having chest pains. I was naturally concerned for my health, so I reluctantly tried out vaping for myself.  Honestly, I did not believe it would help me quit because as I had tried e-cigs before and they made me want to smoke a real cigarette.

My first Vaping Equipment

I purchased what was called “The Magma” kit from a local Volcano store.  My intentions were to cut down on my smoking; I still didn’t want to actually quit.  The magma kit was the most inexpensive kit option at the time.  After using it a little, to my surprise I started to enjoy the flavor.

By the second day I had already cut down to only my morning cigarette and to my amazement cigarette smoke started to taste gross.  By the fourth day I realized I had stopped smoking cigarettes.

Hey, this is fun

I started having fun with this new experience and including frequent visits to the Volcano store to buy more flavors. Eventually I upgraded my device to the best at that time, which was “The Lavatube 2.5”.

My first (and continuing) vaping job

Before long I decided to pursue working at Volcano. I somehow scored an interview and all the Volcano store employees were most encouraging.  Sadly, I wasn’t chosen after my first interview, but once they were hiring again I received a call from the manager asking me to come back in for another interview. I had my second interview and was hired on the spot!

The job has been one long learning experience.  I have learned how to serve the public, I have learned more than I thought possible about vaping equipment and the science behind vaping, and I have witnessed improvements in both the devices and the e-liquids.  What is now known as the “vape” industry has become so popular with people and so much more complex than when I first started, it is amazing to me how much all of it has progressed.

Reflections on quitting smoking

From my perspective, electronic cigarettes didn’t work for me at first because I couldn’t believe that they would work; and I really just didn’t want to stop smoking. It took a health issue for me to became more open minded about the possibilities.  Then I was able to quit smoking cigarettes. Now I am so proud of myself for making that decision, I feel healthier and have saved myself so much money.

If you smoke cigarettes, I recommend that sit yourself down and think of a reason; anything that would motivate you to quit.  If you can do that, and take advantage of the vaping option, then I believe you can accomplish your goal and you will thank yourself for ever after!

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