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Warrior RDA by Wotofo & JMT Elite

From Wotofo:

“Time to reveal the concealed behind the black operation between Wotofo and the secret vape wire builders now! Presenting you the Warrior RDA, designed by JMT Elite together with Wotofo! JMT Elite is a team of coil builders, as in handcrafted wire/coil masters, that are a group of influential authorities in the builder circle. With their expertise in vape coils, you bet this 25mm dual coil RDA is the most coil-friendly RDA incorporated with the profound wisdom of coiling.”

Key Features & Design Aesthetics:

Key Features: ●●●●○ / ●●●●●

The warrior RDA uses a two-post built-in clamp style design with post holes that are wide, and easy to install coils on. At 25 millimeters this RDA is out of the box appears to be a builder’s paradise, giving a wide variety of options for coils, builds and styles.

Design Aesthetics: ●●●○○ / ●●●●●

The warrior is a quick, simple and clean looking RDA that comes in a variety of color options. At 25 millimeters it should line up and provide a flush look on a number of different devices.

Airflow & Flavor:

Airflow: ●●○○○ / ●●●●●

Honestly, the airflow design for this RDA seems like a mistake. The bee hive style airflow does restrict the RDA just enough to get a little better flavor pop. When I went through my series of builds on this RDA I found the flavor was on par with pretty much every other RDA out there. While its not a bad thing, it certainly didn’t meet up with what I was expecting.

There was a pretty big miss on the Air Flow Control (AFC) ring, there is no single coil option. Instead, you get an insert to plug the other half of the deck. As with previous designs that have tried this approach, the insert regularly comes out when you remove the top cap.

Finally, I would have liked to have seen the airflow mounted 2 to 4 millimeters higher. As designed the AFC locks into place using tabs to ensure airflow is going directly to the coils. The problem becomes readily apparent when you juice or Squonk this particular RDA. It's very prone to leaking through the Honeycomb airflow design.

Flavor: ●●●○○ / ●●●●●

Overall flavor was pretty average across each of the coils I ran through the Warrior.

Deck & Build Options:

Deck: ●●●○○ / ●●●●●

The deck on this RDA could have been 1 to 2 millimeters higher, as the current design is pretty shallow at approximately 2 millimeters high. The problem with this shallow deck becomes juice storage, and over juicing.

Build Options: ●●●○○ / ●●●●●

At 25 millimeters I was expecting to have a little more flexibility in build options. One of the first builds I ran was Fused Clapton’s (Stainless Steel 316L 22 Gauge, with 36 Gauge Wrap, 3.5-millimeter wrap), after wicking and juice the RDA was pretty packed full, even at only 5 wraps. This had a pretty big impact on flavor and cloud production.

I did find that this RDA worked best with coils between wrapped between 2 and 3 millimeters and higher gauges of wire. This tends to work out for most newer RDA users who will be running premade coils, most of which are 2.5 or 3 millimeters. Experienced coil builders, who enjoy working with thicker wire gauges may be frustrated by the lack of wicking space.

Squonk, Nicotine Salt & Other Use:

Squonk: ●●●●○ / ●●●●●

 This is definitely an RDA that is designed and intended to use as a Squonk RDA. What I did like with this design is even when the RDA is flooded, it doesn’t leak through the Airflow.

Nicotine Salt: ●●●●● / ●●●●●

This is honestly an RDA I feel shines more when paired and setup for Nicotine Salt’s. When setup with higher resistance coils, the restrictive airflow, juice well, and Squonk function all create an almost perfect setup to pair with your Squonk compatible devices. The restrictive build space, and requirement for smaller coils, means you should be able to fit some higher resistance flavor production coils.

Device Pairings:

Mechanical Device: ●●○○○ / ●●●●●

If you’re thinking of grabbing a Warrior to pair with a standard Tube or Box Mechanical Mod, I’ve got some bad news for you. It's not the best combination. At 25 millimeters it's not going to have a lot of flush fit options, and the need to juice either by removing the cap or through the Chuff ensures juice will be getting everywhere.

Regulated Device: ●●○○○ / ●●●●●

For regulated devices this RDA runs the risk of being problematic. If you are feeding the coils through the top, without using the Squonk pin, then juice run off could potentially get into your device. This creates the opportunity for your device to fail from liquid damage on the electrical components.

Final Score & Opinion:

Final Score: ●●○○○ / ●●●●●

While there are some aspects of the Warrior that could have been done better, it is a viable option for lower price point RDA’s. If your looking for an RDA that you intend to pair with a Squonk box and/or for use with Nicotine Salts, then the warrior will be a great fit for your needs.


If you’re not sure if you want to get this RDA or not, one simple question should help you figure it out; Do you need to have flexibility in the coils you use? If you want to use hand-built coils and have flexibility to explore options, then I’d have to recommend the Drop Dead over the Warrior. Equal in its price point, it achieves the same result, with out nearly as many design oversites and issues as the Warrior.


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