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The Sumo RDA by Bruce Pro Innovations introduces a few features that could revolutionize future RDA’s. If your looking for an RDA that allows for a lot, and I do mean a LOT, of airflow then look no further. Featuring bottom, side and top mounted airflow the Sumo leads the pack in airflow control options.

Key Features

This unique RDA features a drip cover, and center mounted airflow that are built together. The advantage of this design becomes clear as you drip, and e-liquid drops perfectly onto each of your coils. The center mounted airflow pulls in air from underneath the RDA and ensures that every angle of your coil has air moving around it, which increases flavor and vapor production.


The Sumo has very healthy (bordering on too much) air flow. The top airflow is adjusted through the Chuff Cap which has been custom sized to ensure you don’t mix it up with your other RDA’s. The sleeve, allows the RDA’s design athletics to be used as air flow, and when opened wide eliminates air flow resistance. Finally, the fixed airflow under the RDA ensures you always have air flow going directly onto your coils.


The Sumo has a wider than average deck, which means you do need to stretch the legs of your coils a bit farther than you normally would. Part of the challenge in building on this deck is working around the space limitations from the center mounted airflow post and the outer housing.

Mechanical Device:

Unless you’re a fan of airy hits, or purging you may want to find a better match for your Mechanical Mods. While this RDA could perform well with the right builds in it, most newer builders may become frustrated with the lack of flexibility in coil options.

Regulated Device:

On a regulated device I found that most appropriately sized coils for this RDA require higher wattages. I typically like to build my coils to run between 40 and 60 watts, to conserve battery. However, on this RDA, I found I had to build coils to run between 80 and 180 watts for optimal air flow, and vapor production.

Final Thoughts:

If you were ever curious about the ways airflow can change your vaping experience this RDA highlights every aspect. Given its relatively low price point, this RDA is a perfect buy in for those who want to learn more about some core aspects of RDA’s. Experienced RDA users may find it to be more of a novelty piece as it introduces a truly unique air flow design.

The Sumo RDA can be found in our store here.

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