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The Wotofo Recurve can be found here.


Wotofo has a long-standing tradition of making some truly excellent RDA’s that do not break the bank and perform rather well. When they first entered the market years ago their first few products were slam dunks within the vaping community and most notably the Lush RDA secured their position as one of the leading brands and manufacturers. Years later, Wotofo continues this tradition by introducing the Recurve. Which is quite simply one of the best Squonk RDA’s available on the market.

Key Features:

The Recurve RDA uses fixed channeled airflow and requires that you line up the airflow using physical locks. This ensures that you always line up your airflow directly onto the coils. At first, I was somewhat annoyed with this feature (as I like to drip new flavors) however as soon as I paired it with a Squonk box my complaints went out the window.

Airflow: 4 out of 5

Airflow on this RDA at first looks a little limited, using 6 air flow channels per side the airflow come in directly onto the sides of the coils. This allows the airflow to surround the coil on both sides ensuring you get a clean and crisp flavor. Unlike most RDA’s that have dual sided airflow the Recurve actually shines when you run a single coil with wide open-air flow… and the flavor just… doesn’t… stop.

Initially I found that this RDA can be a little on the juicy side depending upon your build although this problem was easily fixed with a Splash Guard chuff cap. With this minor adjustment its now become one of my favorite RDA’s of all time.

Deck: 3 out of 5

The Recurve is absolutely an RDA that was designed for use with a Squonk box mod. While it could be used for a Mechanical or standard Regulated device the limited flow to the deck from the top causes problems when it comes time to re-prime your RDA.

When paired with a Squonk box, this RDA really shines as it is designed to allow optimal flow to the wick locations and uses a Squonk pin that is flush with the bottom of the deck (unlike the Drop RDA). You’ll want to wick it a little looser than you would for a standard RDA, and I advise most coil builders to wick it as you would a tank. Keep it a little looser so it can pull more juice and deliver more flavor.

My one complaint against this design is the limitation of the post holes at approximately 2 mm each. While this provides some flexibility, it leaves coil artists limited on what options they can pair with it.

Mechanical Device: 3 out of 5

The good news is that this is a 22 mm RDA. The bad news is the top cap makes it a 24 mm RDA. While this could be used on a mechanical tube mod without any issues I’d personally recommend running it on a setup with a Squonk bottle (either mechanical or not) as the constant juice flow does make a big difference with this RDA).

Regulated Device: 3 out of 5

The good news, just like any other RDA this guy can be used on your regulated devices. As above however I do recommend pairing it with a Squonk compatible device to enjoy the full experience of the Recurve.

Final Thoughts:

I paired my Recurve with the Luxotic from Wismec and I continue to be impressed repeatedly. With this combination I’m able to get amazing flavor, battery life and RDA hits without any of the headache of re-priming coils, burning out cotton or only using 25% of the battery.

The Wotofo Recurve can be found here.

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