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The Geek Vape Loop RDA addresses the proper application of air flow by channeling it directly under your coils, while combining it with a very healthy juice well. This is certainly an RDA that is more centered around a new RDA user and has some features to help new RDA user’s do things the right way from the start.

This is an RDA that I would be less inclined to recommend to experienced RDA user’s as some of the design features force you into specific behaviors for airflow, coils, wicking, etc. At the same time, each of these characteristics make this a perfect RDA for the new coil builder.

Airflow: 4/5

Airflow is a big deal when it comes to RDA’s. Balancing the volume of air to achieve maximum flavor and cloud production can be tricky especially when your new and not sure of all the finite technical details. The Loop uses a forced placement of the top cap, to ensure that the air flow is directly placed with the undermounted airflow chambers milled into the deck. This forces the incoming air to come up directly under the coil, which helps the RDA produce some truly spectacular flavor.

Interestingly this RDA can get some very restrictive airflow, which makes it a viable option for Mouth to Lung users (puff an inhale vs. just inhale). Which may make it a viable option for higher resistance, lower wattage builds to pair with Nicotine Salts or other High Nicotine e-liquids.

Accessories: 3/5

Included in the kit is a standard accessories pack which includes, T-Bar screwdriver, spare screws, gaskets, and 810 to 510 adaptor (chuff to standard mouth piece).

Deck: 2/5

The Loop introduces a forced air design, that pushes incoming air up under each of the coils. The result of this design is a higher then normal coil placement, which may result in your RDA running a little hotter. This RDA also has a very large juice well underneath its unique post design. I’ve found that when properly setup this well can hold anywhere from 3 to 4 ML of juice, which cuts down on your re-priming time.

When using it as a Squonk RDA I found that the excessively large juice well reduced how often your able to take a pull. Since this RDA has such a large spacing between the coils and the juice well, the liquid has a lot farther to travel. While I love running this RDA on a mechanical or regulated setup, as a Squonk RDA its performance is a little underwhelming.

Mechanical Device: 2/5

This RDA does better with thinner wires as the post holes are roughly 2.5 mm. If paring this RDA on a Mechanical device I would recommend sticking to gauges of wire that are 26 or higher. Also given the depth of the juice well there is a bit of voltage drop, that becomes pretty pronounced when using lower resistance coils.

Regulated Device: 4/5

This is honestly where the Loop shines, with its deep juice well and fixed air flow your able to get the right amount of power for your airflow and coils. I would absolutely recommend staying with dual coils builds, which will ensure you get some amazing flavor. This is not an RDA that I would recommend for cloud chasers, as the air flow may be a limiting factor.

Final Thoughts and Pairings: 2/5

All in I would say that this is a solid, mid to low market RDA that would be best paired with users who are new to using RDA’s or coil building. Overall the flavor profiles of your e-liquid stay consistent (all be it a bit airy), and it holds up well in its own right.

Personally, I’ve found I enjoy using this RDA on a Squonk box with higher resistance builds to pair with Nicotine Salts. This creates a similar experience to using an RDA without the clouds and still produces some great flavors.

The LOOP can be found on our store here.

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