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 Drop Dead - NC

Two of the most popular RDA’s to come out in the last year are the Dead Rabbit by Hellvape and the Drop by Digiflavor. Both of these RDA’s were designed from the beginning for use with Squonk compatible devices.

The Drop Dead takes all of the best features from these two RDA’s and brings them together to create a truly amazing, affordable, flavor chasing, cloud chucking RDA. This is one of the few RDA’s that is perfect for entry level coil builders and advanced coil builders, allowing you to install coils with legs up to 4 millimeters wide!

Much like the Goon series, this is an RDA that every builder needs at least one of…. And yes I own 2.

Key Features & Design Aesthetics:

Key Features: ●●●●● / ●●●●●

The Drop Dead keeps the airflow design of the Dead Rabbit, pushing fresh air down onto the coils. In so doing, your able to get air flow completely around the coil to maximize flavor and cloud production. The juice well on this thing… 5 millimeters deep. In RDA terms, it may as well be the Gulf of Mexico.

Design Aesthetics: ●●●● / ●●●●●

This RDA had to be put through the ringer, there are just too many devices the colors line up with. This is a beautifully made RDA, and surprisingly well crafted for its price point. While this RDA looks great, it doesn’t really stand out from the crowd until you show the deck.

Airflow & Flavor:

Airflow: ●●●○○ / ●●●●●

This is the only area, that could have been improved upon. The Drop Dead uses a high mounted Drop Style airflow control ring. This is a great design for minimizing any juice run off, yet at the same time it also restricts the airflow substantially. If you’re a fan of wide open airflow, then this would definitely not be an RDA for you.

That said, I remain hopeful that we’ll see a series of Challenge Caps.

Flavor: ●●●●● / ●●●●●

Quite simply amazing. I ran a variety of coils, builds and resistances through this RDA and the flavor never disappointed. Even with simple 5 wrap coils this RDA’s airflow design ensured maximum flavor production.

Deck & Build Options:

Deck: ●●●●○ / ●●●●●

This deck is honestly one of the easiest RDA’s to build on, and with the semi-postless design your presented with a lot of flexibility. I suspect that over time this RDA may be prone to breaking at the connection points due to over tightening (same problem the Drop has). For this reason, I recommend building with 24 gauge or higher for more elaborate coils.

Build Options: ●●●●● / ●●●●●

There are SOOOOOOO MANY COIL OPTIONS!!!! Aside from top tier RDA’s it has been a very long time since we’ve had such a widely available, highly flexible RDA. I’ve been able to use every prebuilt coil, and hand-built coil in the Drop Dead without any problems.

Squonk, Nicotine Salt & Other Use:

Squonk: ●●●●● / ●●●●●

This RDA was tailored for use with Squonk compatible devices. While yes you can of course use this RDA on any device with a 510, it wont really shine until its paired correctly.

Nicotine Salt: ●●●○○ / ●●●●●

If you were to use an 810 to 510 adaptor and heavily restrict the air flow, this particular RDA could be paired with Nic Salts or other high Nicotine options. Remember that if you choose to do this your coils need to be above 1.0 ohms, and you shouldn’t be looking for clouds.

Device Pairings:

Mechanical Device: ●●●○○ / ●●●●●

In the future, IF there is a Challenge Cap or variant air flow control rings come out then this would be a solid choice for most Mech users. With its restrictive and channeled air flow purging, just ensures a face full of vape.

Regulated Device: ○○○○○ / ●●●●●

If you elect to use this on a standard device, you won’t be disappointed. This RDA helps minimize the mess of dripping, and the restricted airflow becomes a becomes a non-issue with the added power.

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