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The Aura RDA from Digiflavor, doesn’t really bring anything new to the table. What it does offer, is a unique combination of features that when added together create a superb vaping experience. Flavor chasers will enjoy the bottom mounted airflow, which helps your flavor of choice pop that much more off the coil. For those interested in clouds, the four-cyclops styled air flow channels ensure your able to get airflow right where you need it.  

Key Features:

The Aura RDA uses a two-post design, although unlike the goon it is a single screw connection. This can make putting coils in substantially easier for newer builders. The flexibility in air flow ensures your able to get adequate flow across your coils no matter what build your using. Unlike most bottom mounted airflow RDA’s the Aura does a great job at minimizing juice run off, as the coil placement minimizes the potential for e-liquid to collect in the air flow chambers (unlike the Tsunami for example).


As you can probably guess this thing has amazing air flow, and unlike a lot of other RDA’s this is one that you can set it and forget it. The top cap, has two housings that are a press fit connection, held together by a rubber gasket. Machined with an extra emphasis on detail its just snug enough to ensure it doesn’t move around on you while being easy enough to remove for re-juicing or to show off your pretty coils.


The Deck on the Aura uses some key design features from other RTA’s. You read that right, RTA’s. with Channeled air flow, the deck is a combination of the Kylin’s bottom mounted airflow with Goon style clamps. The juice well is roughly 3 MM deep, before the bottom mounted airflow openings, and roughly 5mm in total depth. This off set helps minimize any e-liquid escaping your RDA, although I did find with the side mounted airflow open it can get a little juicy on occasion.

Mechanical Device:

The aura, works well on mechanical devices with its Phillips head positive pin. As a bonus it can be swapped out into a Squonk pin for use on your Squonk compatible devices. Unfortunately this is an RDA that doesn’t work well with heavier gauges of wire so for a mechanical user I would recommend 24 Gauge wire or higher.

Regulated Device:

With its variety on airflow, this RDA is generally going to perform better on regulated devices (unless you prefer more restrictive airflow). With wide open airflow I did find that some of the flavor profile is reduced, which is typical for an RDA multiple options for airflow.

Final Thoughts:

The Aura RDA from Digiflavor is a solid mid-market level RDA. It provides the flexibility to allow a wealth of different builds and provides flexibility in its air flow.

When I was building on this RDA I did try a few of my staple builds. I found that while it could single coil heavier wire, it couldn’t get a solid enough connection to ensure two coils stay securely attached to the RDA. For this reason, I wouldn’t recommend using wire below 24 Gauge. Additionally, you may find that you’ll need a Phillips screw driver to properly secure the coils.

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