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We get it. Not everyone is doing great financially. Everyone from College Students to Retirees are experiencing their own hardships and struggles. During the rough times a few extra dollars can make all the difference in the world.

How would you like to write your own bonus checks? No gimmicks. No scams. And no fine print. 

Interested? Keep reading.

The Phoenix Vapor Ambassador Program represents a dramatic shift in the way we do business. We firmly believe that the vaping community has been integral to our success. We’ve worked tirelessly to improve the lives of those in our communities by providing education in harm reduction. The vaping community has supported us, and so in turn we would like to support the vaping community.

A large portion of our focus over the years has been reducing harm in the most meaningful way possible: keeping vape cheaper than smoking.

So how do we improve on that? Easy. We apply the same philosophy to businesses in your home town. We want to help them save money, so they can bring in more options, more staff and have a greater impact in their communities and create jobs.


What's better than cheap juice? EASY MONEY! Yes. You read that right, Easy Money.

What's the catch? It simple, quick, and easy, especially when you vape. All you need to do is provide a referral to your preferred shop, and we’ll send them out flavor samples. If they order juice from us, YOU get paid for EVERY BOTTLE SOLD. That’s it, it's just that simple.

Here’s the scoop:

Fill out This form so we know who to make the check out to.

Go Here and fill out the form to give us the referral information for a Vape shop near you.

You can choose to go visit them and talk about our E-Liquids or just sit back and wait.

If they want flavor samples, easy. We’ll send them to the shop.

When they order you get 3% of the sale ($0.15 per bottle).

We cut the check, and you now have Easy Money.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will I be under a contract?

  • Yes. There will also be a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to ensure pricing information is kept in confidence to the business owners.

How much do you think I can make off this?

On average your looking at putting around 6 bucks in your pocket per flavor line per order. Yup that’s wordy, but here’s how it breaks down:

  • You love Bob-Vapes
  • You want money
  • You sign up to be an Ambassador
  • You ask Bob if he wants flavor samples or to just start saving money
  • Bob at Bob-Vapes loves the juice and prices
  • Bob places an order for 150 bottles (3 lines of juice)
  • We receive payment for the juice
  • At the end of the month we deposit funds into your PayPal or cut you a check
  • You collect $22.50 for going to the shop you already go to.

So that’s it?

  • Nope.
  • You get paid for EVERY ORDER Bob makes with us.
  • Forever.

Wait, what?

  • No that’s not a typo.
  • Every order Bob places with us, you get a cut.
  • For as long as he orders with us.
  • Yup, you read that correctly.
  • If Bob stocked all our 124 flavors you could earn $800.00 a month or more.
  • And you can be an Ambassador for multiple stores.

What about taxes?

  • Please remember: since you would be a contractor it will be your responsibility to report your earnings to the IRS. Failure to do so may result in hefty fines and/or legal action. Not from us. From guys in black suits and ties. Federal ties. Don't go there.

Do I have to do the delivery?

  • No. We’ll ship the product directly to the store.

Why can’t online stores participate?

  • Unfortunately, online stores are easy to make, and easy to fake. We have a legal requirement to ensure our products are only being sold to legal consumers and businesses.

Fine print?

  • We hate fine print. Yes, there’s some legal-eze as you might expect (Contract Terms, Liability and None Disclosure Agreement), but we kept it to a minimum. Part of the agreement is that you will act in good faith as a representative of Phoenix Vapor (aka: Don’t be an A**hole) and that you will only review pricing information with Purchasing Managers and Vapor Retailers. Not your friends, family members, etc.

When do I get paid?

  • We plan on processing payments once each month. Long term, as the program grows, your payments may come more rapidly.

How do I get paid?

  • Payments will be sent out once a month, on the 20th of each month. Should the 20th be on a weekend they will be sent out on the Monday after. Should Monday be a holiday they will be sent out on the following Tuesday.

I’m a business owner, and I hate the Ambassador that keeps harassing me about your juice. What can I do?

  • Our goal with this program is to create a positive experience for everyone. Should an Ambassador of Phoenix Vapor harass you, be disrespectful, or disruptive we may remove them from the program.

Is there any reason that might prevent me from getting paid?

  • Are you legally allowed to sell Nicotine Products? If yes, then you're good to go. If no, then unfortunately some past action on your part excludes you from this program (at least currently).
  • If the retailer you referred complains to us about your behavior we may suspend or terminate payments. Point blank, we don’t want A**holes representing our company. If you’re an A**hole this program isn’t for you. Sorry.

What do I need to get started?

Why are you doing this?

  • Is it bad to want to help others? We want to grow, and we want you to grow. Simple as that. The easiest way to increase harm reduction is to increase your financial well-being.

Are there any age limitations?

  • If you are not legally of age to consume vapor products, you cannot participate in the program

Are there any border restrictions?

  • Since this program is brand new we know there will be a learning curve for both our Ambassadors and us. While we start this initial launch we will limit it to just Washington State. In the future we intend to roll our similar programs in other states (and countries)

Do I ever have to go into the shop?

  • Technically, no, but most people don’t buy things in bulk from strangers.

I live outside of Washington State, and I really want to participate, can I?

  • Yes, although it’s a bit slower. We’ll need to review each out of state inquiry on its own case by case basis as there is currently a patchwork of laws across all 50 states.

I work in a Vape shop, am I allowed to participate?

  • Absolutely. We don’t mind if you work in a Vape Shop or a Taco Shop. It only matters regarding the business you're referring. A barber isn’t going to want to purchase E-Liquid at wholesale, nor is he licensed for it.

I have a friend or family member who works for Phoenix Vapor. Am I allowed to participate?

  • Yes. We don’t mind if you work in a Vape Shop or a Taco Shop. It only matters regarding the business your referring. A barber isn’t going to want to purchase E-Liquid at wholesale, nor is he licensed for it.

Couldn’t I just put in information for all the shops in my area and get the Easy Money?

  • While yes, you could, it is against the spirit and intent of this program. Going out of your way to be “That Guy” is a pretty good way to get removed from the program. We want people who are part of the local community for these stores, and also want to do their part to help the industry thrive as a whole. Facebook Trolls need not apply.

What happens if I lost my check and need a new one?

  • If for any reason you need a replacement check sent to you, we will void the initial check and may elect one of the following:
    • Send an immediate replacement
    • Add the funds to the next payment period

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