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Winter is coming. This guide will help you brace yourself for the unique challenges presented to vapers in this frosty time of trial. Whether you live in an area that will experience a slight morning frost, inches or rain, or feet of snow, we have been through this before, and we have you covered.

TIP #1: Everything is WET.

Frost, rain, snow, it's all water and it's all wet! Since your electronic cigarette or vape is, you know, electronic; it really doesn't like to get wet.

If you are going to have to go outside, try to refrain from vaping. You don't want to ruin a hundred dollar device just because you get caught in a downpour. That being said, if you must vape outside during inclement weather; make sure that you have some kind of umbrella or waterproof jacket to keep the vape as dry as possible. It is also good to keep in mind that while wearing gloves, you might have a harder time holding on to things and a one false grip can leave your mod or only bottle of ejuice plummeting helplessly into the snowy abyss.

Remember, it is never safe to use an ecig or vaporizer that has been exposed to water in any way. If you are afraid that your vape has been water damaged. Turn it off and remove the batteries ASAP and store them in a safe place (like outside away from children, pets or anything flammable). You can soak it in a dry rice (similar to the popular method drying a wet cellphone) in an attempt to remove any excess moisture. Due to the high-power nature of these devices, it is advised that after you dry out your vape, you do not attempt to operate it again until it has been inspected by an expert.

If you find yourself in a lot of unavoidably wet circumstances, you might want to invest in some kind of waterproof container for your mod and some equipment. You can find these containers easily at most sporting stores in the camping or kayaking sections.

TIP #2: Everything is COLD.

Low temperature can do some pretty unexpected things to your juice and hardware. For instance, exposing your juice to low temperatures, like leaving it in a freezing car overnight, can make your liquid very viscous. The higher the VG content in your juice the more of a thickening problem you will have if you let your juice get too cold. When the juice is very thick you will more than likely have some serious problems with getting your coils to wick and you might be running into some very, very dry hits. The best thing you can do to avoid this is obviously to try to store all your liquid somewhere that is not a freezing car.


However, if you wake up to find yourself with some juice as thick as maple syrup, there is no need to fret, this is not a permanent chemical change. It usually only takes about 5 minutes of running the heater in your car and leaving the juice on the dashboard to get it back to a vape-able state. You can also shake the liquid vigorously if you are in a huge rush (just be sure not to accidentally throw it through the window).

On this note, vaping outside in very cold conditions then coming inside to warm up can leave you with a very leaky tank. Most eliquid is extremely sensitive to rapid temperature changes and you can end up with some juice in some genuinely strange places if you heat it and cool it quickly while the tank is in use.

Artic-like conditions can also cause some potential issues with your hardware itself. It can dampen your battery life and lead to longer "ramp-up" times on your coils. If you are not familiar with "ramp-up" times, this is the amount of time that it takes from the pressing of your fire button to the point where your coils reach their maximum temperature.

Since your ramp-up time could be slowed by the cold, it can lead some to believe that their device is experiencing some kind of failure. There is really not much you can do about this, but the issues usually subside after a few good puffs from your vape. Once the coils get going they will naturally stay a little warmer and you should be good to go.

TIP #3: Super Clouds.

While most people like to chuck a big cloud of vapor every now and then, sometimes, when you are not expecting it, a massive cloud can really get in your way and lead to some dangerous or at least less than ideal situations. Without getting too science-y just know that your clouds of vapor normally dissipate from expanding out into the air growing thinner and thinner until they are completely gone. Abnormally low temperature can all but prevent this from happening.


If you are vaping near a roadway or in your vehicle before it warms up, you can find yourself in a situation with an unexpected and potentially harmful outcome. Vapor clouds can distract drivers, and lead to low visibility situations. If you find yourself running into this issue, our best advice would be to try to refrain from vaping while on the road or try turning your device down to a lower power setting (or use a less powerful device).

Even if your clouds are not directly blocking your view, most vapers will run into mid-winter issues with their windows fogging up more than normal, both in your vehicle and at home. This is probably caused by residual VG building up on them from sessions past. The best remedy for this is to clean your windows as often as possible and invest in some anti-fog glass cleaner.

TIP #4: Your face will stick to metal if it is cold enough.

Everyone has seen the classic movie in which a child gets his tongue stuck to a flagpole that has frozen over after his friends "double dog dare" him to lick it. A hilarious scene indeed. However, to a minor extent, this can happen to you if you decide to take a pull from your metal drip tip without adequately ensuring that it is not frozen solid. Since most drip tips are designed to cool down quickly (no one wants to burn themselves either), they can get very cold very fast.

Our best advice to remedy "The Flick Stick Drip-Tip Scenario" this is to get some chap stick or lip balm. 2$ at the gas station can save you an entire season of "de-lipping" your metal drip tips.

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Winter can be a trying time for vapers. While you might have to opt out of vaping in some circumstances, with these tips, you should be able keep puffing happily through the colder months. What do you think about these tips? Did we miss anything? Let us know with the comment form below, we would love to hear from you.

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